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To Servas travelers

Servas is not a handy assistance system for the benefit of travelers, but a cooperative system of Hosts and Travelers aiming at the promotion of mutual understanding and good-will through personal contacts and sharing of daily life. We hope that you will appreciate and respect what hosts offer to share with you.

Making arrangements for your visit

  1. You must write to the Hosts first. Written information in advance is essential to avoid misunderstanding.
  2. At your request, our Host Coordinators in each of 7 Regions may provide you with information for your Servas Travel in their regions. If you have difficulty in finding Hosts, they will assist you in finding available Hosts. Requests with short notice will be difficult to understand. When you write or e-mail to a Host. ALWAYS ENCLOSE OR ATTACH A COPY OF YOUR SERVAS LETTER OF INTRODUCTION. When arrangements are made for you, be sure to follow their instructions.
  3. When or if you change your schedule, inform Hosts about that as soon as possible.

At Host's homes

  1. Show your Servas Letter of Introduction immediately upon arrival.
  2. Do not ask for staying longer than two nights unless invited.
  3. Pay for all telephone calls you make or are made for you.
  4. Offer to help Hosts in the house.
  5. It would be advisable for you to take photographs, postcards, maps and other things with you, which esplain your family , home town.etc.

After the visit

  1. Send a thank-you letter or card to Hosts after your visit. Your few lines will encourage Hosts to continue to be active in Servas.
  2. Return the Host List to your National Secretary or Interviewer. Host Lists should be recycled as long as it is valid.
  3. Submit a travel report to your National Secretary according to the form or style of your country. Your report will be useful for other Travelers or may possibly be printed in the Servas International News.
  4. Remain active as a Servas member at home or wherever you live.

Report to Servas Japan

Not only are you supposed to remit your report to the regional secretary of your own country, but also make it to Servas Japan. Regarding the form, you can download it by making access to RSJ (Report to SERVAS JAPAN). Then fill in and mail it to National Secretary of Japan before you leave Japan. If the form is not available, you can write a letter to National Secretary of Japan. In that case please contain in it a list of hosts you stayed with, your comments about your experiences, your general impression, and so on. Your report will be highly appreciated, not only in terms of statistics but for the improvement of our organization.